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I Work With High Achievers to
Master Their Mind,
Master Their Emotions And Master Their Assignment



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Nrgy Abrams is a Keynote Speaker, Certified Breakthrough Life & Relationship Coach and Author. As "The Self-Mastery Coach" she transforms the lives of audience members each time she speaks as she teaches and demonstrates that when you master your mind, you master your emotions, and therefore, you master your assignment.

Nrgy coaches and mentors high achievers with the use of practical solutions to effect change within their personal and/or professional lives.

Additionally, Nrgy is a court registered Mediator & Arbitrator where she uses her conflict resolution and effective communication skills to facilitate negotiations and resolve disputes, both in civil and family/divorce cases.

She immediately captures the attention of individuals with her positive energy and caring spirit as she has the ability to connect with each person and understand the WHY behind the choices they have made, which is the starting point of the journey she travels on with each client who chooses to work with her.


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