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Transformational Keynote Speaker

Mindset Mastery, Emotional Mastery & Purpose Discovery

What's Your Passcode?
Keys to Accessing the Life You've Always Desired

It's true - when you change your way of thinking, you change your results. Coach Nrgy teaches audiences how to overcome being stagnant by empowering them to be the best version of themselves.


As an organization, this results in:

  • Being able to challenge your team's current way of thinking  

  • Effective communication with your team

  • Unlocked potential being discovered within your team


High Achievers walk away from this program able to implement more effective strategies for approaching challenges with a positive outlook. To do this, they'll be taught key principles to learn and understand themselves - who they are, their behaviors, their strengths and how to build on them.


Easy to understand solutions will be provided for professional and personal growth to start getting immediate results. 



  • Understand that self-awareness is the foundation of mindset mastery

  • Begin to create and achieve specific goals and learn to overcome  obstacles along the way

  • Learn the importance of being intentional with your thoughts

  • Improve your professional and personal relationships

Lost In Translation:
How to Interpret Your Emotional Language

Emotional mastery allows for complete awareness and control of feelings, emotions and thoughts. Audiences will learn that uncontrolled emotions hinder the ability to make sound decisions.


As an organization, this results in:

  • A focus on finding solutions, not on the problem

  • Positively and effectively respond when negative emotions are activated

  • Shared accountability amongst team members

  • A decrease in emotionally driven decisions


High Achievers walk away from this presentation knowing the difference between what they can control vs. what they can't control. They'll also start eliminating many challenges, both internal and external. This will result in achieving a better relationship with self and others.



  • Learn how to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions

  • Identify your emotional patterns

  • Communicate clear with facts, not with judgements and emotions

  • Maintain inner balance and peace

Hypothetically Speaking:
What IF You Only Had One Life to Live... ™

In this thought provoking presentation, Coach Nrgy teaches that when the individual wins, the organization wins. She shares the "WHY" behind the importance of an organization realizing how its success is directly related to the success of each team member.


As an organization, this results in:

  • Developing impactful and motivated leaders

  • Equipping your team to identify priorities

  • Creating WIN-WIN-WIN situations amongst the organization, individual team members, and clientele

  • Increasing team morale and collaboration


High Achievers walk away from this presentation being able to create a more balanced life for themselves, both personally and professionally. This will be accomplished by learning to blend their purpose with the company's purpose.  



  • Implement strategies to give meaning to day to day tasks

  • How to discover ones purpose

  • Discover work related purpose and how it aligns with personal purpose

  • Using ones purpose along the journey of personal and professional development

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