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Living within My Means Ensures Financial Freedom for Myself and My Family

If you struggle with managing finances and staying within your budget, or if you struggle with creating a budget, continue reading below.

Learn to value the future of your family over the opinion of others. As you read, receive what's being said. This blog is specifically written in first person for a reason.

I can live within my means because I have a strong sense of self-discipline. My desire to be free from financial stress is stronger than my attraction to material possessions.

I rid myself of friendships that cause me to associate my worth with my material possessions. I search for friends who appreciate me for who I am and respect me regardless of the things I can or cannot afford.

I resist the urge to acquire things to impress others. I refrain from purchasing items out of my price range just to show off. I stay within my budget at all times, even when I am out with friends.

I am confident enough in myself to refrain from making a purchase out of social obligation. I feel fine when I go out with my friends and I am the only one who cannot afford an item or who chooses not to purchase something.

I understand that life comes in seasons, and in a future season I may be able to afford more things. At this point, I choose to be thankful for what I have.

I know that having more things does not guarantee me happiness. True happiness comes from a thankful heart.

When I shop, the most important thing to me is how my purchase can affect my family, not how it can affect others’ opinion of me. I honor my family by sticking to our budget regardless of the situation.

Today, I choose to shake off vanity in order to set myself up for financial freedom. I gladly make small sacrifices today so that my family can enjoy a better future.

If you feel the need to purchase items or have certain possessions in order to feel secure, ask yourself why is that so. Contact me and I will guide you along the journey to figure that out and become more secure with who you are.

Believe in yourself… I believe in you!

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